Audio/Video Production

Music Mixing and Mastering

We will help you pinpoint the specific sound you are aiming for. A thorough mixing process within an acoustically controlled studio setting is crucial to obtaining a great mix. Whichever genre it is, we will produce the custom-tailored tune that satisfies your needs and musical concepts.

  • 5 business-day T.A.T.
  • Basic 8-track song $200 ($20 per additional track)

Video Editing

Professional assembly of your footage. Clean edits, color, and audio correction. Fluidity is our main priority in developing a well-polished presentation of your ideas.

  • 5 business-day T.A.T.
  • Video edits <5 min $200, <10 min $300, <20 min $500
  • Get a quote for projects any smaller or larger

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