Website Development

Launch your ideas and ventures with a well-crafted website. Establish an online presence through strategic design layouts and organization, presenting your most important information “front and center.”

One-on-One Development

Work closely with a developer to produce exactly what you're looking for.

7-Day First Draft Turnaround

Receive first development and design models within 7 business days of initiation.

Fastest and 100% Secure Hosting

We operate through GoDaddy's web hosting and security solutions to ensure fluidity and safety.

Powerful Design Approaches

Get a feel for our design approaches with endless customizability.

Why choose Vantage Media?

One-on-One Experience

We want to work one-on-one to develop exactly what you are looking for. We offer a very personalized experience so that we ensure your most important information is displayed "front and center."

7-Day First Draft Turnaround Time​

First drafts of a completed site will be delivered within 7 business days upon initiation. We understand that progress transparency is crucial for business. Our unmatched development process allows for quality work to be delivered quickly.

Maintenance Options​

We offer low-cost maintenance options to keep your site updated and secured on the internet. Maintenance includes any minor upkeep of media and content and monthly website performance reports sent directly to you.

Fastest and Most Secure Hosting​

All of our sites utilize GoDaddy's top-of-the-line web hosting and safety solutions. This yields a responsive and quick site protected by award-winning security. Our GoDaddy Pro licensure allows all of our clients to be discounted 30% off all GoDaddy products required for site operation.

Pricing for Services

Basic Website Package

$300/page up to 5 pages. $150 for each additional page after 5.

Complete Website Development

  • Extensive SEO Process

    Your site will be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) so that it ranks higher in search results from Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

  • 7 business day T.A.T.

    The first drafts of a completed site will be delivered within 7 business days upon initiation.

  • One-on-One Experience

    We offer a very personalized experience so that we ensure your most important information is displayed "front and center."

Maintenance Option

  • Light maintenance

    Opting in for the low-cost maintenance option includes general upkeep and updates of media, content, and security.

  • Monthly Performance Reports

    You will receive monthly performance reports for your website when opted in for maintenance services.

  • Design Changes

    The additional website maintenance option does not include major design changes, only minor updates taken by request.

$40 per month or $400 per year

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